Thursday, February 19, 2009

What you are doing at noon on Friday February 20th, 2009

This Friday (February 20th, 2009) at noon, Camille and Rozzell will be combining their proverbial forces to bring the Portland area a magical interlude the likes of which it has either:
a) never seen before
b) been missing
c) been dreaming of for quite some time now, perhaps in the shower.

The place: the amphitheater staircase that leads down to the regular docking place of the Portland Spirit boat in the Willamette River. This is right by the fountain area where kids and grownup kids alike tend to play on warmer summer days when the air is just so. This is north of the Hawthorne Bridge on the west side of the river. Some call this place Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Others call it nothing at all. Others call it home. Some know this place so well they just call it Tom.

The thing: Camille is hosting another one of her fabulously magnanimous tea parties. Who knows what wonders await those who indulge in such delights? Rozzell is giving people stamped postcards that he made to be written upon then and there. Bring an address or two. Someone you miss? Someone to whom you owe an apology? Someone you have never ever met? Barack Obama? In exchange for the stamp and the postcard, you will allow Rozzell to interview you for a (maga)zine that he will soon be making.

Please come, dear friends. Tell your buddies. Tell strangers. Tell Oscar the Freaking Grouch!

Love & Learning,
R & C

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