Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nostalgia 3, socializing with the Random Gaming Club

Getting out of our classroom and getting out of our heads.

It's Wednesday afternoon. We head over to PSU Smith Memorial Center White Gallery to take in the (beautiful) documentation by MFA students in the Social Practice program;
(I remember) black and white photos of a neighborhood and it's people printed into a surround of text that propels you into the photo. For a moment, you're standing right next to... And a visual sea shelled-colored record of appreciation and wonderment for the life of a pet snail--a brilliant mixture of biology and interspecies love.
(use this web address & learn to draw a snail; maybe you'll find snail love too)

We mill around and stare.

Then, Krystal gets us all down on the ground right there in the gallery to teach us how to do the Pigeon , a yoga posture to open the hips.
(so sorry I didn't get pictures of this but check out for a pic of the posture)

Next we wander upstairs to the 3rd floor in Smith. Someone notices flashing lights and some interesting sound effects coming out of a room on the north side of the hallway. It's the Random Select Gaming Club's afternoon of gaming. I mean, wow. We can't resist. The Club welcomes us in and shows us around. Some of us sit and game, some of us watch and dream, and then there are those who dance and sing and dance some more. This I got pictures of.

check out the Gamers and the club @

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