Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Public Social University - Feb 2

The third installment of Public Social University was launched earlier this week. We had three workshops:

The first was called "Let Yourself Express An Inner Monologue." Cara Deffilipi created a modern dance routine that we learned and embellished a little on. We were dancing to a Tom Waits song. 2 days later and my legs are still sore.

Here's a video of us trying to dance. Looks like we aren't so bad for beginners right? If you can see the video, click here.

For the next session, The Theory of Sandwich Making, Camilleo gave us the 411 on how to craft a sandwhich that does what its supposed to do: stay together, look good, and taste good. Did you know there's a science to this? It's true. From now on, my sandwiches will be twice as good as they were before.

For the third portion, titled OMG DIY FYI, Rozzell Medina asked people to pair up and then to talk about what sorts of things we might want to learn with our partner. We then went outside and learned them, came back to the library and shared with each other. Some people learned some interesting things. For example some learned about this young kid who plays drums on plastic buckets in order to raise money for college. Someone else tried to learn how to do kartwheels. Other people learned about hiccups, what causes them and how to get rid of them. We had a fun time.

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