Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sorry Night 2 (Blue Night)

After the First night of Sorry action, Things got off to a bit of a slow start on Tuesday with several competitors not showing up. (below is the bracket from the night before)

The First match of the night pitted our very own Eric against the nights eventual bracket champion Kevin. Eric ended up losing the match, but quickly took over the position of official event photographer.(some of his pictures below)

The night sped along pretty quicly due to two competitors slotted for the 6:30 game not showing up, so the six competitors for the night played pretty quick games, and before you knew it we had made it to the finals.

The Finals once again were greatly entertaining with a crowd gathering after it went into the second game with the player who came out of the loosers bracket winning the first, and handing the player from the winners bracket his first defeat.(the winner from the night before watches the match intently below)

In the Second game the tables turned and Kevin (pictured on the left) who played Eric in the first round, took home top honors for the night!

stay tuned for info on wedneday nights action. The last night of the qualifying rounds happens tonight (Thursday-the red bracket) and the Saturday night will be the finals!

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