Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets Get Connected

My first project is called Be Connected. The idea stemmed from a circuit board and how all the components are connected together in a group to make something work. The project is very simple. Everyone will be tied together by various lengths of string. The string could be tied to a belt loop or someplace that won't get in the way of your camera trigger finger. I will begin leading the class around the industrial area around Free Geek, then I will pass the reigns to someone else and so on. The idea is to have everyone work as a group while taking pictures (i.e. asking the group to stop at a curb to take pictures of ants or slowing down if you notice someone lagging behind). The creative expressions/perspectives will also change because now you will be confined to a group. Meeting time is mid day on a Tuesday so there should be plenty of activities to photograph.
I know the flier is a little janky...i did it last night in my room while watching Leno.

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Eric Steen said...

the flier is awesome!