Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kindy V-Day, short and sweet!

The kindergarten Valentine's Day party was the envy of all who passed by the door. Much to the glee of the kindergartners, older kids frequently poked their heads in to glimpse and wish outloud that they too could partake of the three different kinds of cookies, capri punch pouches, and mail boxes overflowing with Valentines. (Everyone must bring one for everyone!) My favorite part of the day was when we first arrived at school; all the kids were instructed to go around each table and put a Valentine into each kid's mailbox. First everyone assembled their Tinkerbell, Power Ranger, Transformers, and Barbie Princesses Valentines they had laboriously scrawled their names upon the night before. Next was the dispersement. Some kids quickly accomplished this task, while others were like ping-pong balls, bouncing from table to table, chatting with other meanderers. Oh yes, spiderman, well what I have got here is spongebob. Some kids suffice to just stick a handful here and there, and call it good. Others merely wander until their plastic baggy is empty. I counted atleast three from my son in one little boy's haul. Through out the day we continue to discover Valentine stashes that have yet to be doled out, wondering why it hadn't dawned on the owners that while this delivery process occurred they were milling around with nothing. Then upon opening thier cards, although just beginning to learn to read, the sentiment is not lost in the phrase "You are the coolest, Valentine." Or, "Have no fear, Batman is here, Valentine." One little girl went over to another and said how thoughtful her Valentine had been and they hugged. We also were all given Valentine friendship books in which you approach someone and ask if they will be your Valentine or friend and then they write their name in your book. The teacher gave me one, too, and surprisingly I ended up with quite a few pint-sized Valentines of my own! With the sugar nearly bursting each of their little hearts, the class party ended with a lovely rendition of Skid-a-ma-rink-a-dink-a-doo (if you want to learn, I can teach you) and then we discovered one more vilgilante stash of Valentine heart lollipops with cards that we inserted into their backpacks as they headed for the school bus. Unfortunately, I can not post pictures of my days at Kindergarten, as other people's kids' faces can not be displayed on the internet due to reasons of safety. But once the post office is up and running I can post pics of that.

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