Thursday, March 12, 2009

What you are doing at noon on Friday , March 13th, 2009

Dear Friends: Happy Friday the 13th! As part of my residency, I'll be donning a hockey mask and jumping out at people from the western underbelly of the Hawthorne Bridge with a real machete in my actual hand! I'll have raw beef and peeled grapes on-hand to add to the effect and totally gross everybody out! Ketchup? Chocolate syrup filmed in black & white, then projected onto the walls and floor? I'll also be wearing a blood-stained flannel, and what parts of my bald head you'll be able to see will be covered in hideous, realistic scars! I think this is going to be a really strong community-building event, and I hope you all can make it! Also I hope that it's warm and sunny out and that a lot of kids will be playing in those cool fountains! Also I hope the police come to cheer me on with their winning grins and people skills!

Okay, but for reals...

I really will be doing another installment of my boring old residency where I give people stamped postcards, ask them to write to someone (some two?) and then let me interview them for a few minutes. (I would do the Jason thing, but I already have warrants out, and the last thing I need is more jail time, especially with finals week AND swimsuit season just around the proverbial corner.) 

Repost Galore: 
The place: the amphitheater staircase that leads down to the regular docking place of the Portland Spirit boat in the Willamette River. This is right by the fountain area where kids and grownup kids alike tend to play on warmer summer days when the air is just so. This is north of the Hawthorne Bridge on the west side of the river. Some call this place Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Others call it nothing at all. Others call it home. Some know this place so well they just call it Tom.

Noon-2pm Friday, March 13th, 2009
Postcards, pens, and stamps provided.


Love & Lemurians,
R o z z e l l
M e d i n a 

Attendance is mandatory, but in a good way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey Everybody. Sorry for missing some days. The growing season is starting up and i've been busy at home. Im posting to remind everyone that the Arts Gathering at my house is this Saturday 7pm AND to say that Tasha and I are conducting our "structure building" class on the same day at 2PM in the meadow behind my house. You are all invited to come participate and then stay for the Arts Gathering and then to sleepout in the structure we all build. Tasha and I will distributing invitations tomarrow in class (Wed.) with further details.... It would be great to see guys this weekend.

my adress is as follows: 14019 NW Newberry Road Portland, OR 97231

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Social Explosion

Thursday was information rich to say the least. Public Social discussed the opportunity for change that's hidden within the meltdown of the economy. Some of us became part of a student group who manifest media to raise awareness of sustainability. We're essentially part of who decides how to spend some of the Miller grant. Then it was Soup and Comedy which was good fun. The TV was a bit intense for me, especially the Will Farrell movie. I wasn't closing my eyes to be anti's just that the smash bang pop of that kind of media is easier for me to swallow if I just listen to it. Thanks for reminding me to not hold my breath ;-) Oh and the smiling bear sculpture- precious. That made me bust a gut.

Then Adam and I took off. He's going to South Africa soon for at least a few months, maybe to stay. He's going with an open mind and no concrete plans. I was really happy to deepen friendships within this social practice class and expand my web of community, but I wanted to spend some more one on one time with Adam before he leaves since I might not see him again. We went to Mt. Tabor and played push hands a bit and an astronomology class happened. I like teaching one on one cause then I can pay attention to one person and I feel the transmission of information is deeper and more meaningful than if I have to talk to a group where someone will inevitably be left out since I can't adapt my communication style to everyone.

So how does this relate to my residency? The Legba veve for the crows was something like a symbol to send a message to my deeper levels of consciousness where my real decisions are made. A gift to social creatures such as crows was all part of the symbolism. It seems to be working. I make different decisions and move more gracefully through the world when I'm not working against unconscious desires. Using symbols this way is sometimes called magick, but it's really just a way of programming yourself for greater effectiveness in the art of living. I think it's way better than just letting the TV tell me what to do.

Survival without so much industry and with less money to throw around means cooperating with people and sharing. It also means cooperating with the non human intelligences of this planet and treating them with respect so we can learn from them.
My residency is part of my overall dream of helping Portland to transform into a permaculture oasis, modeling good behavior for the rest of the country. The connections I've made this term are part of that process.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water Feature Engineering Homework

Experience & Education

I found this interesting bit about experiential education here.

500 Word Summary of
Dewey’s “Experience & Education”

For John Dewey, education and democracy are intimately connected.

According to Dewey good education should have both a societal purpose and purpose for the individual student. For Dewey, the long-term matters, but so does the short-term quality of an educational experience. Educators are responsible, therefore, for providing students with experiences that are immediately valuable and which better enable the students to contribute to society.

Dewey polarizes two extremes in education -- traditional and progressive education.

The paradigm war still goes on -- on the one hand, relatively structured, disciplined, ordered, didactic tradition education vs. relatively unstructured, free, student-directed progressive education.

Dewey criticizes traditional education for lacking in holistic understanding of students and designing curricula overly focused on content rather than content and process which is judged by its contribution to the well-being of individuals and society.

On the other hand, progressive education, he argues, is too reactionary and takes a free approach without really knowing how or why freedom can be most useful in education. Freedom for the sake of freedom is a weak philosophy of education. Dewey argues that we must move beyond this paradigm war, and to do that we need a theory of experience.

Thus, Dewey argues that educators must first understand the nature of human experience.

Dewey's theory is that experience arises from the interaction of two principles -- continuity and interaction. Continuity is that each experience a person has will influence his/her future, for better or for worse. Interaction refers to the situational influence on one's experience. In other words, one's present experience is a function of the interaction between one's past experiences and the present situation. For example, my experience of a lesson, will depend on how the teacher arranges and facilitates the lesson, as well my past experience of similar lessons and teachers.

It is important to understand that, for Dewey, no experience has pre-ordained value. Thus, what may be a rewarding experience for one person, could be a detrimental experience for another.

The value of the experience is to be judged by the effect that experience has on the individual's present, their future, and the extent to which the individual is able to contribute to society.

Dewey says that once we have a theory of experience, then as educators can set about progressively organizing our subject matter in a way that it takes accounts of students' past experiences, and then provides them with experiences which will help to open up, rather than shut down, a person's access to future growth experiences, thereby expanding the person's likely contribution to society.

Dewey examines his theory of experience in light of practical educational problems, such as the debate between how much freedom vs. discipline to use. Dewey shows that his theory of experience (continuity and interaction) can be useful guides to help solving such issues.

Throughout, there is a strong emphasis on the subjective quality of a student's experience and the necessity for the teacher of understanding the students' past experiences in order to effectively design a sequence of liberating educational experiences to allow the person to fulfil their potential as a member of society.

Sorry Night 2 (Blue Night)

After the First night of Sorry action, Things got off to a bit of a slow start on Tuesday with several competitors not showing up. (below is the bracket from the night before)

The First match of the night pitted our very own Eric against the nights eventual bracket champion Kevin. Eric ended up losing the match, but quickly took over the position of official event photographer.(some of his pictures below)

The night sped along pretty quicly due to two competitors slotted for the 6:30 game not showing up, so the six competitors for the night played pretty quick games, and before you knew it we had made it to the finals.

The Finals once again were greatly entertaining with a crowd gathering after it went into the second game with the player who came out of the loosers bracket winning the first, and handing the player from the winners bracket his first defeat.(the winner from the night before watches the match intently below)

In the Second game the tables turned and Kevin (pictured on the left) who played Eric in the first round, took home top honors for the night!

stay tuned for info on wedneday nights action. The last night of the qualifying rounds happens tonight (Thursday-the red bracket) and the Saturday night will be the finals!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soup & Comedy Redux

Soup & Comedy Redux
Thursday, February 26
Ally's Apartment
NBC's Must See TV
(details in email)
*this image was just on the first page of googling comedy. we don't plan on watching blades of glory, unless someone really really wants to make an argument otherwise. the image is pretty funny, though.

Homeless Class!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry Tournament off and running (yellow night)

The first night of the Sorry Tournament ended last night with some serious action. All the preparations had been made.

The night got underway early with the first game starting at 5, and from there it was non-stop sorry action till a little after nine

The final match was between Brian and Pablo (pictured below Brian on the right Pablo on the left). Pablo hadn't lost a game all night, and it was going to take a miracle for Brian to win, since he had to win two games in a row to be crowned the nights champion( and to be able to move onto the final night) but in a nail-bighter of a game he did it! winning two games in a row and securing a spot in the championships on Saturday night

Round two starts in just a few hours!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Public Social University - February 26

Free Lecture Series Part 4
Public Social University is a forum for diverse workshops and discussions taught by the people and for the people. Workshops are always free. We currently meet in the central library on select afternoons. Public Social University was created by the members of the art and social practice undergraduate class at Portland State University. On February 26th, they will present a mini-lecture/presentation series to the public on the topics of: Destructo! A drawing game, an Italian crash course, a discussion on sublimating the economic recession, and screen-printing, taught by Lori Gilbert.

Date:Thursday, February 26th
Times: 3:00-6:00pm
Place: Central Library, in the US Bank Meeting room.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Slipstream

Yeticave visit: I just let go of something I was really attached to for a few years. I guess I had to do it that way for various reasons. I used painting as a way of making a visual record of my process, a process I invoked on purpose in the 90's, the process of intentionally undoing myself so I could put myself back together in a more effective and harmonious arrangement. I never really wanted to be a painter, but I fooled myself into believing I did because I had to prove to myself that I didn't want to do it that way. Musician just happens in me, as naturally as breathing. I picked up painting trying to ape the act of other people. I'd really rather be an urban kung fu farmer, but I was still too addicted to the death culture myself to realize it back when I decided to feed and water a painter identity.

Well one of my voluntary siblings stopped by tonight. It was a Yeticave visit and not just an old friend hanging out cause I did things differently. When she arrived she told me where she'd just come from in a shamanic workshop and it sounded like she would be better served by letting her do some art, make a viscerally felt record of her process then and there rather than continue chatting. So I asked if she wanted to draw in my sketchbook while listening to Bardo. So now my sketchbook has a bit of someone else's art in it, but I used my music to tune it to me so my defenses wouldn't reject it.

After as we talked her penetrating vision told me about how my room is constructed and who I was when I made the stuff that's hanging on my walls. I suddenly grokked in fullness that I'm done with the painter. I still like drawing, but I prefer the scale of things I can fit in my backpack, I prefer dry media that don't require using water I'd rather drink or use to make coffee or water plants, etc. just to make pretty pictures or keep a record of my unravelling. The short of it is I found an enthusiastic home for some canvases one of which was still empty and one that has an empty white canvas circle inside an india ink background. I'm downsizing in my drawing mode, but she's moving into a space where she needs more space to move things around. She's also more of a visual person than me so she might take to the painter naturally like I didn't. I also gave her the easel I had been babysitting for her that her mom donated to me from her store of unused art supplies way back (2005ish) when I was deep in the throes of my undoing posing as a painter.

So here's the social art project we dreamed up together: I took a couple of paintings out from behind the pile of old work I have in the Art Mausoleum I made around the landing at the top of the stairs in the house where I live and I said yeah they're kind of pretty, but they really belong in a graveyard. Sometime before the Aries equinox (end of March) I want to leave them in one. Next full moon perhaps? Maybe I'll leave them around the statue of Harvey Scott that looms over the south end of Mt. Tabor, pointing toward downtown, leading the people of the death culture to continue our rape of the planet onward and westward, puffing his chest out and scowling. To me that statue is a kind of grave. Leaving the paintings that are pretty, but really part of my unravelling process and not something I want hanging on my walls around a big symbol of death seems like just the purge I need to go where I need to go and do what needs doing. I don't need all that dead weight anymore.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Outdoor Class on Mt. Tabor

I guess it was the wind and cold. Oh well, Adam showed up so we practiced some push-hands and I did much better than usual against him because I practiced standing and establishing my root before he arrived.

Then as we walked down the mountain we talked about our permaculture ideas. Last night We went to a lecture at the Pacific Crest School just north of Burnside over by the Whole Foods at se 28th by an Austrian permaculture genius named Sepp Holzer. By working with nature rather than treating her as an enemy he's been able to grow fruit trees including citrus as part of a thriving and diverse oasis on the slopes of the Austrian Alps.

A couple of years ago Adam told me he wanted to be a kung fu farmer. At the time I thought- well that's cool for you, but how would I have time for my art? The more I learn about permaculture the more I want to be a kung fu farmer when I grow up.

With this kind of farming you don't have to work nearly as hard because you relate to nature as a partner rather than abusing her like a slave. Treat her kindly and she will reward you immensely. See, there's no need to water or weed or any of that because the diverse community of plants support each other. When you plant one thing over acres of land it takes all the same nutrients out of the soil as its neighbors. With a plant community like the 3 sisters known to the Native Americans of beans, corn and squash each plant trades nutrients with the others. Pests are controlled by the plant community's greater intelligence created by a diversity of organisms.

While I'm still in the idea stage of this process for the most part (I have a little pot of herbs I'm taking care of in my room and so far they have survived the winter) I'm on fire with inspiration to carry it to manifestation. A Dharma practitioner Adam met in a cafe asked him if he wanted to transform his lawn into a permaculture garden. We've talked about making it a business. I don't know how to pull it off yet, but I could see myself doing that sort of thing for my living and eventually run my own urban small permaculture farm right here in the city...and teach others how to do it themselves.

See, our present way of feeding ourselves is horribly wasteful. Global warming owes much to all the trucks that haul chemical fertilizers and feed for animals to farms and then they haul the harvest to packing plants and then more trucks haul it to the grocery store where people drive it home in their cars. If everyone in the city had at least a small herb garden we'd really be doing something to combat global warming. We'd also have much healthier food with more vitality and flavor than the half dead stuff we get trucked or shipped half way across the world to the grocery store. Evolve or die, human.

Grok this:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Soup

Soup & Comedy Cancelled
Ally's sick. Sorry guys.
We'll try again next week.

What you are doing at noon on Friday February 20th, 2009

This Friday (February 20th, 2009) at noon, Camille and Rozzell will be combining their proverbial forces to bring the Portland area a magical interlude the likes of which it has either:
a) never seen before
b) been missing
c) been dreaming of for quite some time now, perhaps in the shower.

The place: the amphitheater staircase that leads down to the regular docking place of the Portland Spirit boat in the Willamette River. This is right by the fountain area where kids and grownup kids alike tend to play on warmer summer days when the air is just so. This is north of the Hawthorne Bridge on the west side of the river. Some call this place Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Others call it nothing at all. Others call it home. Some know this place so well they just call it Tom.

The thing: Camille is hosting another one of her fabulously magnanimous tea parties. Who knows what wonders await those who indulge in such delights? Rozzell is giving people stamped postcards that he made to be written upon then and there. Bring an address or two. Someone you miss? Someone to whom you owe an apology? Someone you have never ever met? Barack Obama? In exchange for the stamp and the postcard, you will allow Rozzell to interview you for a (maga)zine that he will soon be making.

Please come, dear friends. Tell your buddies. Tell strangers. Tell Oscar the Freaking Grouch!

Love & Learning,
R & C

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soup & Comedy

Soup & Comedy Night
Hosted by Ally & Crystal
This Thursday Night
8 pm
Ally's Apartment
(see detailed email for address)