Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nostalgia 1, where we started

 Do you remember these collaborators, these brave & willing teachers, our first (hesitant?) venture into the wild and woolly world of Social Practice art making?  
Tad, named after an All My Childen soap opera character. True story. He had gizmos in his pocket to play and make games on:  some more legal than others. A wizard. 
 The memory guy (I can't remember his name, yikes).  We threw out 10 words and with his memory-images in mind, he tagged each word to an image and presto! The guy was good.  Camille got it down first try.

And frisbee golf. He taught us about the best (drive) throw and where to get it done. Who knew Portland had courses all over the place.  Turns out Flossie is a golfer too.

This teacher knew his stuff:  all about sustainability and water and evaporation. Drawings and a calm manner.  He deserved a teachers evaluation form. 

And last but definitely not least. The flute player. He played a sweet tune and then stuck around to learn from others, from us and even put in his 2-cents during our 'class' discussion. 

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