Friday, January 23, 2009


I've delineated the first couple of weeks for Yeticave visits.

Thursday 29 jan: 4-5pm
Friday 30 jan: 2-3pm and 6-7pm

Thursday 5 feb: 4-5pm
Friday 6 feb: 4-5pm and 6-7pm

2 people is ideal, but I can probably handle up to 4 if it works that way. If you want to bring a friend that's cool, but indicate when you sign up that you will be 2 and not 1 so I don't get too many people showing up at once.

The conversations that arise from having them in my studio/living space are part of what I want to invoke with this project. Part of why I want to keep the attendance down to a small number is so that I can truly focus on interaction with only a few people rather than scattering my attention throughout a crowd. Then there's also the fact that my room is spacious for me, but gets crowded quickly with more than me.

The way I see this as fitting into the social practice meme is that it's breaking the idea that only galleries and museums have the authority to curate an art environment. It's also an experiment to find out what kind of conversations arise from people who I wouldn't normally invite to see my room (only about 4 people have seen my space since I moved in last October) and interact with my various art objects on the walls, speakers and boxes doubling as furniture. I love to share my knowledge since hoarding it all for myself just gives me a headache, but in my own cave I have different thoughts to share than I do when I'm out in the wild of other people's space.

So if you want to visit sign up in the comments so that others can see which slots are still open. Next week I'll post some more times if there's still more people who want to participate.

Groove on.

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