Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tea Party in the Park

Making the tea hot using sterno cans. They are this weird flammable purple jelly that keeps things hot. They are used for fondue pots and the like. We also had cucumber sandwiches so it was a pretty classy affair.

Someone who came to the tea party taught us 'bibliomancy'. It is a type of fortune telling technique. You get a book, the type does not matter, and envision your question. You flip through the book and stop on a random page. (All of this is done without looking at the book) You then slide your finger along the page and stop at a random passage. You can either read the passage or a single sentence and that is the answer to your question. This was a lot of fun.

I do need to find a way of secretly documenting the people that showed up. Many of them were very wary about having their photo taken. They seemed taken aback by the idea of the parties and while apprehensive did come to talk to me. I am hoping I can get them to write me notes or other things as a way of incorporating these strangers into my project in a larger sense.

I am going to continue having parties in the park. Both impromptu and advertised. I will be checking weather forecasts constantly. I thought that this was a nice way to start off my residency. I talked to some people that work in the office buildings around the park and I am going to start bringing sandwiches and hot beverages for free. Or at least for a barter. I will give them food in exchange for a piece of their mind. I will also advertise said luncheons on the blog but, depending on the weather, these dates may change. So far, this Friday is supposed to be sunny with a high of 51. It shouldn't be so bad outside.

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