Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Throw a Rat Tea Party!

I would like to introduce Stella (on left) and Sam!

To throw a rat tea party, first you must make itty-bitty invitations and create a guest list of only the most sophisticated rats.

You can use a frame and a swatch of fabric to create a rat-size table.

For the props, you can use old birthday cards and saved objects.

Here is Sam all dressed up!

Stella with her pearls and purse. Make sure your guests wear their most distinguished attire.

Here is the table with a miniature, rat-sized tea set (you'll need one of those).

Put a little smidgen of peanut butter on the edge of the table, and if that does not work, add some enticing cheese. I am afraid that these two were not very hungry.

Here are the props for your entertainment at tea. Every good party has performers! I taped BBQ skewers to magazine cut-outs, but popsicle sticks could work just fine, too!

And what is a party without some music.

Last, to aid in digestion, a stroll in the garden should suffice. This is Monet's garden, what a treat for a little rat!

Special thanks to my very patient crew (my hubby)!

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