Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On the way home I caught a glimpse of a bright, gibbous Venus sparkling above the first lunar crescent visible since the solar eclipse that danced across the Indian Ocean 3 days ago . The picture is of Sol a few hours before eclipse on Sunday since I didn't have my camera with me today.

Synchronicities abound between sky and ground...

Then a special Yeticave visit manifested via my friend Nolon (aka Cult of Zir). It turned my solo music project Ascension Conspiracy into a social event by the addition of another set of ears conveniently connected to a fellow audio engineer. We listened to my latest creature of sound Bardo. I had gone as far as I could with it due to the fact that I'm not just the musician(s) but also the recording engineer. I thought it might be done, but my objectivity was long gone a couple of months ago. Even without his intelligent feedback just having someone else's energy field present in the adytum of my artist residency changed my experience of it enough to get some objectivity back. It was decided that the song Ghost Heavens really is complete with the interplay between vocals and drums. Bass and guitar would just clutter it up. That dilemma having been settled it shall now be mastered and set loose upon the world. Bwahahahaha!

Go here:

username is "Public"
password is eyed!sko

and you will find the entirety of Bardo's predecessor Prima Materia as well as the original version of Ghost Heavens before I rebuilt it with drums and live vocals. In a folder called Next Album Prototypes you'll find unmastered (but quite listenable) versions of most of the tracks from Bardo. You may download freely. If you like what you hear and you can afford it and you want to help Yeticave Records stay alive voluntary donations can be sent to
galileo93 at yahoo doot com via paypal.

Mostly I just want y'all to be able to enjoy my music. It would just end up on torrent sites anyway so this is the way a lot of bands are going. I got the idea from Kirsten Hersch formerly of Throwing Muses originally. Then after doing my own printing and copying for the first release of Ascension Conspiracy, Awake in the Kingdom I realized just how much stuff goes into reproducing CD's and I only made 11 copies! Imagine if it were 1000 or 10000. That's a lot of tree pulp, oil for the plastic and truck fuel for transportation that is saved by sharing music on the internet.

I created Yeticave Records as a download only record company to bring my music habits into harmony with my green heart. I'd rather the trees remain standing, living, and binding greenhouse gasses into their bodies not to mention absorbing heat with their dark leaves and turning warming into the metabolic processes of their lives instead of radiating it back into the atmosphere like pavement or a rooftop with no plants. Is it really that important to have an object to hold in my hands? It's the sounds I'm really into anyway.

So in honor of Luna's eclipse in Leo on 9 feb when tonight's barely visible sliver reaches fullness in red I want to have a listening party for the finished beast. The actual eclipse happens in the early morning just as the moon sets so I want to have the listening party on sunday evening feb 8 (hail Eris!) when Luna is in Leo and still approaching opposition with Sol in Gaia's shadow. Not too late for working types. I should have it mastered and tamed for playback on any and all speaker systems by then. I don't have enough space myself to host such a thing. Any ideas?

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