Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Way to Eclipse

Today's first improv art expression with whatever is lying around happened as I was headed out the front door to go to the mountain (I live near Mt. Tabor) I came upon a plastic 6 pack thing that was unbroken. I'd hate to be a bird or fish finding one of those things by getting stuck in it. Half of the inhabitants of the house I live in clean up after ourselves, the other half leaves garbage laying around. So I dismantled it and it looked kinda cool so I arranged it on the chair where I found it and snapped a photo. Reminds me of Chinese dragons only in plastic.

Then it was off to the mountain where I made a face with rocks over by the west reservoirs. I was thinking about my dad who I lost when I was a kid because Mt. Tabor was one of his favorite places to go for a walk. It's a wrathful demon face because I got a lot of my anger issues from him. One tooth is darker than the rest symbolizing the dead tooth I'm having pulled soon. It got infected last december and made my face hurt so bad I couldn't chew. If I got angry it got worse. If I relaxed I got better. It was a great lesson in anger management, but I don't want to repeat it so the dead tooth and childish attachments to behaviors I learned from my dad are going bye bye via qigong and dentistry.

On the way to an annular eclipse in the tropical sign Aquarius the local star appears to be perched on the edge of a cloud.

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