Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Talk: the Yetiblog Nexus and Project Revision

The link is to the Talk quarter of my website which is the nexus of all of my blogs. 3 are specialized and exist on my own website and one is my Livejournal which Eric also has linked from this blog's page.

A revision has occurred to me after realizing that I'm not really thrilled about the whole other people giving me walking routes idea. I already have an instinct for taking different routes when I need novelty. Anyway, I don't want to walk on any heavy car roads unless it involves a definite purpose like food, guitar strings, crossing rivers or freeways, or catching a bus. So here's my new idea that I find a lot more interesting:

My residencies are still the same with the heart of Portland as my Yang aspect and Yeticave as Yin. I had the thought earlier today that I could link the two by taking my space arranging altar building skills to the public. Then I flashed on the artist Andy Goldsworthy (thanks for the reminder E) who does artworks in the wild with stuff he finds laying around. I decided to expand my Citywood project which began as a painting derived from direct observation of the city from inside wooded areas at night, then became a video, and now will be a public art project. (unofficial of course. I prefer to be a free agent.Of course if anyone wants to pay me to do this stuff I'm willing to negotiate...)

I will make arrangements pleasing to my spacial and visual sensibilities with whatever I find at hand in parks and anywhere I find interesting stuff to make an installation. I will take photos and even go back to check and document the deconstruction of my temporary constructions.

Since this is essentially inspired by my affinity for crows I'm going to perform a sort of intentional act that you could call sympathetic magic, art, or voodoo, whatever works best for your worldview. I like to see it from any and all angles:

I'll Make the veve, or visual link to, the loa (google it if you want to know more) of the crossroads, Papa Legba in raw, unshelled peanuts. Then I'll play crow calls on my headphones really loud (not on my ears) and wait for the shiny black goofballs to show up with my camera already rolling video. I want to obtain sound samples of a whole bunch of crows going gaga for peanuts and also manifest a symbol of intention drawing the minds of humans to the fact that the boundaries of social include all life on this planet and not only humans who share a language and culture. Extending our awareness and respect to the non human intelligences of our planet is necessary for our continued survival. We need the trees more than they need us. Chew on that one, monkey.

This is also an aspect of permaculture which is a subject I'm just beginning to learn about. Basically it's an orientation towards cooperative interrelation with "nature". I put quotes around the word since the idea that we're something other than natural is complete bullshit in my view of things. All wealth comes from the earth including the matter of our bodies replenished, built and maintained by our planet's life support system. If you consider how long it took for hydrogen atoms to figure out the star trick it might be easier to comprehend how computers are every bit as natural as atoms, whales, and apples, or whatever of the 10,000 things you care to name. Still there are ways that suck and ways that suck less. Permaculture is a way to minimize suckitude by finding cooperative ways to do things instead of always operating by conquest. Grow food IN the forest rather than destroying the forest to make a chemical wasteland pretending to be an industrial farm for a short time. This has everything to do with global warming: more plants = less carbon in the atmosphere=less warming. Plants also slow the wind diminishing its ferocity.

Walking not driving, backpack neither paper nor plastic, reuseable cup and water bottle are just some of the practices I've adopted. My gift to the crows and Papa Legba is a symbol of my intention to learn more and eventually be able to grow some of my own food in a permaculture way.

My net brain is now fried. I'll post a schedule for Yeticave visits and a blurb about how the Yin of my project relates to the Yang sometime before the weekend. Visits will start a week from tomorrow. I still have to figure out times. Stay tuned.

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