Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Temporary Link Post

This is a temporary post. These are links that Eric will discuss in class on April 23.

The PSU art and social practice group:
Avalon Kalin
Amy Steel
Varinthorn Christopher
Katy Asher
Laurel Kurtz
Cyrus W Smith
Sandy Sampson - 1 and 2
Eric Steen
Jen Delos Reyes
Harrell Fletcher

The CCA Social Practice Site
Sara Thacher

Pawel Althamer
Suzanne Lacy
Mierle Ukeles Laderman
San Keller

Hannah Jickling
Shelby Davis
Gary Wiseman

Artist Groups:
Red 76
Amity Works
Temporary Services
The Yes Men

A link to groups that are not art groups

Education/Schools/Pedagogical Models
Pawel Althamer At the Center Pompidou
Joseph Beuys - only links to a picture
United Nations Plaza
Public School
Cesare Pietroiusti - Practical Skills
Thomas Hirschhorn – 24 hour Foucault
Utopia Station
The Land
High Desert Test Sites

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nicole said...

hey eric- will you leave that post up? make it permanent and not temporary? i think that list serves as a good resource!