Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Alex,

I would like to employ your assistance.
I'm having trouble getting started.

Will you help me approach food cart owners to see what their slow hours are? I want to start recording some interviews, taking some pictures, identifying some interest and working with the people who seem most into the idea of having a publication that gathers words and images from Portland State food carts.

And another question for everyone: if everyone (and every newspaper or publication) in the city is suddenly into foodcarts (or if I've just noticed that people have always been interested) does that make my project less interesting? Am I regurgitating something that's already been done?

Thanks dudes.

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Siamese Buckaroo said...

I don't think that your project will be less interesting. In fact, it's more interesting because you are reflecting the current interest. From my own experience, I just went there and talk to the owner. I do ask if they are busy and sort of hang out. After getting to know each other, I eventually help the owner taking order and bagging food. We can talk more about it. Knowing why you take interest in particular owner/food cart and why you want to do this can help since they will often ask the question.