Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upcoming Public Social University Lecture Series!!!

Free Lecture Series Part 1

Public Social University is a free school and workshop group created by the members of the art and social practice undergraduate class at Portland State University. On Nov. 24th, they will present a mini-lecture/presentation series to the public on the topics of: Making something new with your old shoes, How to be brave, Printmaking, and Capoeira Angola.

Date: Mon. Nov. 24
Times: 2:00-5:00pm
Place: Downtown Central Library; U.S. Bank Meeting Room
More information: Click on the poster image and/or see below


* * * * *
Trick Out Your Trainers - 2:00-3:00
More information coming soon

* * * * *
How to Be Brave - 3:00-3:30
Information: A short workshop in Everyday Bravery. Come join us and learn the practice of everyday bravery. With guidance and support, we will seek and find our very own unique everyday bravery ritual and take it home to kick-start a practice of bravery that we can live by. Everyone welcome, brave or not.

Bio: Lily Gael is a performing artist, dancer and writer who still feels afraid every time she performs. By going ahead and performing anyway she began her own practice in Everyday Bravery. Lily's practice also includes talking to strangers, letting her awkwardness express itself in interactions that Are awkward, and crying in public.

* * * * *
The Print Factory - 3:30-4:00

Information: In the workshop we will be designing our own blocks from cheap materials and printing them. No experience necessary.

Bio: The primary Print Factory is centered around a portable printing press and it's crew. As Print Factory crewmembers, our goal is to make everyone who passes by us on a street corner an art collector, free of charge. All of our printing materials are donated by people such as yourself, who have either purchased a Travel Kit or have invited us to print at their venue. Local artists have helped build up the Print Factory library by continuing to donate original plates. Each print gets a Print Factory stamp of authenticity with the artist's name, making it part of our catalogue while recognizing the individual who designed it. We want to encourage artists to donate so they can continue the life of their plates and get their creations out to the public.
Producing art on-site while handing it out to the public sparks dialogue about the processes behind printmaking and the historical impact of the multiple in everyday life. Sharing the process and the product of printmaking stimulate community by provoking questions about the utility of printmaking and the nature of art.

* * * * *
Capoeira Angola - 4:00-5:00

Information: A workshop demo and introduction presenting the Brazilian martial art/dance, and music. No experience Necessary.

Bios: Judith
Fleming has been practicing capoeira for almost two years finding out about the dance form in Olinda, Brazil. Since her trip she's been training primarily with contra-mestre Pedro Cruz with grupo Raca in Portland, Oregon. Shaun Lauyers has been practicing capoeira for about the same amount of time. Though Shaun started practicing martial arts at a younge age and has dabbled in other dance forms such as hip-hop and breakdancing. Shaun began training with contra-mestre Pedro Cruz until he experiemented with another form of capoeira, capoeira Angola. Angola is the older, more traditional form of capoeira. It's a slow game, very low to the ground, but equally as challenging as capoeira Regional such as grupo Raca. Shaun trains under Leon and others with a group called FICA, in Portland, Oregon. This group has roots in Bahia, Brazil, and now, throughout the world.

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