Friday, May 2, 2008

Class Presentations

Friday, May 2, 2008
class presentations
So maybe my request to see other classmates work, was as Beth mentioned, an attempt to gauge what people in our class ultimately value. Because that in essence drives artistic practice right? Or creativity. What you think about informs your ideas and ways of navigating the world. They may not line up all of the time, but I think that they sort of do. Whether it is blatent like, I disagree with the war, so I will go to a protest. Or I like to hang out at my house so I sit around a lot, even if I think I value protesting the war, the real value is the hanging out at the house. Maybe if there was a way to meld the two, like protesting from my couch, it would align the differing values of Values. Plus, maybe it is worthwhile to know what work we value in order to be good social practitioners.

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Popart said...

Value? I don't think of value when I think of my art. Its me, its self image. Everything I do is me and in a sense a self portrait so its about self image. So I guess its what do I think of myself.